Discover all you need to know about safe and successful beekeeping, on our one-day beekeeping course in rural North Somerset.

60 percent of food plants depend on honey bees for pollination but these sophisticated insects are also a real pleasure to look after. Our one-day Beekeeping course offers a complete introduction to the craft, helping you to understand the whole before you commit to keeping bees yourself.

Your day will see you getting hands-on at the beehive, learning how to care for bees and make wonderful products from their wax and honey, leaving you buzzing with enthusiasm for your new hobby.

Your day

10:00 – 16:00

Arrive and make yourself at home

You will meet your hosts and start the day with tea, coffee and treats fresh from the kitchen.

  • Session one

    Your course will begin in the barns where we’ll go through the fundamentals of beekeeping – from the reasons for keeping bees to recognising the honey bee, and all the equipment you will need.

  • Session two

    Next you’ll walk up to the apiary for some hands-on practical experience with colonies of bees.


Food is always the focus and a lunch of local, seasonal fare will be one of the highlights of your day.

  • Session three

    In the second of two practical sessions, you will visit a local apiary and have the chance to examine a beehive, with lessons on safety and beekeeping etiquette.

  • Session four

    We’ll return to the barns, where you will show you all the products you can make from a hive, such as floor wax and face cream. Along with useful advice and tips to help you on the road to beekeeping.


There will be time to chat with your fellow scholars before heading off to start your own hive.

For dates, prices and further information please get in touch through the contact page in the menu bar above.


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