Awaken your inner hunter-gatherer on our foresty course and learn traditional bushcraft and survival skills.

Whether you are a complete novice or an outdoors expert the one day Bushcraft course will introduce you to the essential skills of bushcraft and survival and teach you how to utilise these effectively.

You will be introduced to some of the useful forageable materials that surround us and the absolute abundance of resources that the woodland provides and how we can utilize these to increase our chances of survival. Build your very own one-man kennel shelter or arctic lean-to shelter.

Your day

10:00 – 16:00

Arrive and make yourself at home.

You will meet at the barns where your host will be waiting with morning tea or coffee and tasty fresh treats.

  • Session one

    To kick things off, you will learn about the essentials, its history, its purpose and the reason for the various styles.

  • Session two

    Your first crucial task will be the collection and purification of water and then the essential skill of fire lighting.


Food is always the focus, and you’ll tuck into a delicious hearty lunch, with ingredients gathered from around your setting.

  • Session three

    Over the woodmans, you will learn where best to build a shelter before you will be working in pairs to build your own.

  • Session four

    Well-earned hot drink and the chance for a quick re-cap and any remaining questions.


There will be time to chat with your fellow scholars before heading off home contemplating your own adventures.

For dates, prices and further information please get in touch through the contact page in the menu bar above.


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